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Business networking in Tunbridge Wells redefined

Our membership represents a broad spectrum of businesses that operate within and around the Tunbridge Wells area. If you are looking for a business within the Tunbridge Wells area, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend any one of our members listed below.

Whilst we do not actively vet our membership, effective networking demands a good reputation - and all our members are good networkers.

Our Tunbridge Wells business networking members:

Member: Sector: Contact: More:
Mother Goose MortgagesNick Coffin
Mortage Broker
01892 862534
Colonnade FloristSharon Wood
01892 549 919
St James PlaceKadi Wyke
Financial Adviser
07508 240200
Stephen Paul Painting & DecoratingSteve Harris
Painter & Decorator
01732 457203
NVW SolutionsNeil Williams
Coaching & Mentoring
01892 521 871
The Window SanctuaryOliver Dolan
Windows & Doors
01959 565343
Emma Cox GenealogyEmma Cox
Genealogist and Researcher
07970 066317
Dane PlumbingNiels Rasmussen
07899 980176
AAC StudioCarlos Elsesser
07881 942087
Archway AutosJohn Ould
Garage Services
01892 61606
Girl Friday GraphicsRosie Harris
Graphic Designer
07879 634666
Hot LemonLance Close
Marketing, Online & Websites
0845 094 3391
Islay O’Hara Public Relations ConsultantIslay O’Hara
Public Relations Consultant
07801 240127
Little Sparks of GeniusDavid Hill
Lifestyle / Business consultant
07813 818269
Moulton Johnston Ltd.Peter Moulton
01277 228 444 
Nicky PercivalNicky Percival
Interior Designer
07773 372158
Travel CounsellorsLiz Penn
Travel Counsellor
01732 807510
Utility WarehouseJo Williams
07843 712406
W Smithers & Sons Ltd.Colin Smithers
Building Contractors
01342 850559
NW BookKeepingNicola Willett
Book Keeping Services
07894 529526
Harris Electrical Services LtdGeorge Harris
07846 855809
Taken by ChrisChris Taylor
01959 533268
Words that workEmma Melville
07576 433366
Matt Stanford OsteopathyMatt Stanford
07990 854429
The Net - simple Networking in Tunbridge Wells

Networking tips:

  • Try before you buy...

    Not all business networking groups are the same. Some are more formal than others, some are more structured.

    It’s important that you find the right style of networking that suits you the best, and also a networking group that can relate to and get along with. So before you jump in the deep-end, try a couple of groups out to see which one suits you.

    The Net - more networking - less formality

    For example, the Net is relatively informal. The organisers felt that many other business networking events placed too great an emphasis on structure and not enough on the actual networking side itself –hence the Net was born.

  • Don’t sell

    Business networking isn’t about selling – that’s what you do with customers and clients. Networking is all about building and developing relationships with people that can potentially benefit your business by recommending you to their contacts and customers.

    Marketing your business

    Word of mouth advertising – being recommended – is the most powerful and cost-effective form of marketing there is. Use networking events to build a network of people that will be happy to recommend you in this way.

    Use networking events to teach people about who and what you are, as a person as well as a business, build relationships and be clear and consistent on what you are looking for in terms of leads.

    Remember, people buy people first.

  • Be genuine, be yourself

    Networking is all about building trust with other, similar like minded business people. In order to build trust, be genuine.

    Trying to be something you’re not won’t last forever, and when people find out, in quite simple terms, they won’t trust you as much. Use networking to build your own personal brand of trust and integrity – so that your fellow networkers can come to trust you.

    Build trust - build value

    If you’re a person they can trust personally, then they will trust you professionally.

  • Be a giver – not a taker

    Remember, networking is all about developing long term relationships. Trying to reap the rewards of networking in the initial stages will make you seem like a taker – and no one like a taker.

    Instead, give

    Give people leads, or introductions. Help people at events, give testimonials, give advice freely (if it’s wanted that is).

    By giving, you will build your own personal brand as someone who is trustworthy and integral – someone people can do business with.

    By giving you build your social capital within the network, which longer term, will reap rewards.

  • Follow up

    After networking, spend some time following up the contacts you have made at the event.

    This benefits you in two ways. Firstly, it help builds the relationship you have initiated (by following up on subjects discussed or just to say thanks for something, you are more likely to be remembered), and secondly, it demonstrates your professionalism and your intent on networking effectively.

    Stand out from the crowd

    The actual attending of a networking event is arguably the easy part. It’s the following up that many people find hard. By following up your contacts you can stand out from the crowd as being someone who goes the extra mile.

  • Failing to plan, is planning to fail

    Before you attend any networking event, develop a series of objectives and a plan to attain those objectives.

    Set goals and objectives

    Know before you go to the event what you want out of it, for example; Do you want to get to know two or three people really well? Do you want to talk to one person in particular? What type of leads or introductions are you after.

    If you have an objective and a plan for your networking, it’s easier to stay focussed.